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Suffolk Quilters Guild

Suffolk Quilters' Guild By-Laws

Suffolk Quilters Guild  

Constitution & By-Laws                


                                                          ARTICLE I Name  

            The name of this organization shall be the Suffolk Quilters' Guild.  It was formed and is sponsored by the City of Suffolk Parks and Recreation Department.  

ARTICLE II Purpose  

            The Suffolk Quilters' Guild was founded in 1987 with the objective to promote interest in the heritage and art of quilting; to promote companionship among fellow quilters and to present an opportunity for increasing knowledge of and appreciation for the art of quilting.   Members develop skills, display creations, educate the community and annually assist in a charitable cause through a quilting donation.  

ARTICLE III  Meetings  

Section 1.  Meeting - The Suffolk Quilters' Guild shall meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at a specified facility.  The fiscal year begins in July and ends in June.  

Section 2.  Work/fellowship meetings - Work /fellowship sessions may be scheduled as desired by the membership.  

Section 3.  Informal meetings - Members informally meet 6 times yearly on the third Saturday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at a specific facility.   Members are encouraged to work on their own projects or participate in a workshop.  

Section 4.  Suffolk Art Museum - The Suffolk Art Museum on Bosley Avenue is available to Suffolk Quilters' Guild hand quilting members each Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Availability of the Museum space is dependent upon Museum activities. 

ARTICLE IV  Membership  

Section 1. Membership - All quilters are invited to join, regardless of skill level.  

a.  All members should attend the monthly meetings.

b.  Members are required to participate in the community projects carried out by the Suffolk Quilters' Guild.

c.  If there is a question concerning membership status, the Executive Board shall review the situation and action shall be determined by the Suffolk Quilters' Guild.

d.  Guests shall be allowed to attend only two free meetings.

Section 2. Dues - Members are required to pay assessed dues.  

a.  Dues shall be $20.00 per year payable at the July meeting. 

b.  Dues must be paid by the August meeting to remain a member in good standing. 

c.  Dues for new members joining in January to June will be prorated to $10.00.

d.  Dues may be revised by recommendation of the Executive Board and a majority vote of the membership.  

ARTICLE V  Election of Officers and Officer Duties  

Section 1.  Elected Officers The following officers shall be elected by the membership:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Historian, Librarian and Parliamentarian.  

Section 2.  Qualifications for Office All officers must be members in good standing.  

Section 3.  Executive Board- The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers.  They shall meet at least twice a year, once prior to the July meeting and once prior to the February meeting.  

Section 4.  Election of Officers-  A nominating committee consisting of three members shall be appointed by the President at the April meeting with office election to take place at the May meeting and officers to be installed at the June meeting.  

Section 5. Vacated Office An office vacated within the year shall be filled by the nomination from the Executive Board and approved by the membership.  

Section 6. Term of Office - The term of office shall be for one year.  Any officer shall be eligible for re-election to serve a second term with a maximum of two consecutive years in the same office.  Each term shall begin following installation in June of each year.  

Section 7.  Duties of the President:  

a.   Serve as the executive head of the Suffolk Quilters' Guild and preside over its meetings.

b.  Notify the Vice President if unable to attend meeting.

c.  Obtain and fill out forms with Suffolk Parks and Recreation Department to schedule meeting dates and places for the upcoming year (This needs to be done in June).

d.  Coordinate monthly programs with the 1st Vice President  and workshops with the 2nd Vice President.

e.  Appoint standing committee chairmen.

f.  Be a non-voting member of all committees.

g.  Appoint any special committees authorized by the executive board and deemed necessary for the operation of the Suffolk Quilters' Guild.

h.  Authorize bills to be paid by the Treasurer.

i.  Appoint two non-board members to audit Treasurer’s books following June meeting and deliver to the successor prior to the July meeting.

j.  Serve on the Budget Committee.  

Section 8.  Duties of the 1st Vice President The 1st vice president succeeds to the powers and duties of the president in the temporary absence or disability of the latter.   

a.  Preside over meetings in absence of President.

b.  Serve as chairman of the program committee.

c.  Notify the President if unable to attend meeting.

d.  Serve on the Budget Committee.  

Section 9.  Duties of the 2nd Vice President -  The 2nd vice president succeeds to the powers and duties of the 1st vice president in the temporary absence or disability of the latter.  

a.  Schedule and organize Saturday workshops.

b.  Preside over meetings in absence of President and Vice President.

c.  Serve on the Budget Committee.  

Section 10. Duties of the Secretary:

a.  Record and report minutes of the monthly meetings.

b.  Record and report minutes of the Executive Board meetings (to executive board session only).

c.  Provide copies of minutes to the President and Historian.

d.  Notify President if unable to attend meeting.

e.  Send greeting cards to Guild members who are sick or have suffered the loss of a family member.

f.  Send flowers to the family upon death of a Guild member.  


Section 11.  Duties of the Treasurer:  

a.  Pay all bills authorized by the President. 

b.  Signatures of President and Treasurer shall appear on the bank signature cards.

c.  Collect and deposit all dues and monies as received.

d.  Keep an accurate record of all monies received and dispersed.

e.  Make itemized treasurer’s report.

f.  Notify President if unable to attend meeting.

g.  Serve on the Budget Committee.  

Section 12.  Duties of the Assistant Treasurer  

a.  Maintain list of all members

b.  Renew and sign up new members

c.  Turn in monies to Treasurer

d.  Assign membership numbers, cards, pins and books

e.  Keep current address list

f.   Notify members after August meeting if dues are not paid.

g.  Notify President if dues become delinquent.


Section 13.  Duties of the Historian:  

a.  Keep a scrapbook of articles and pictures of Suffolk Quilters' Guild events.

b.  Keep duplicate records of the Secretary’s monthly reports.

c.  Keep past and present Constitution and By-Laws for reference.

d.  The above records are to be made available to all members at the monthly meetings. 


Section 14.  Duties of Librarian  

a.  Display books and patterns at monthly meetings and record checkouts.

b.  Handle overdue books and fees.

c.  Has authority to purchase books within approved budget.  

Section 15.  Duties of Parliamentarian  

The current edition of ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED  nbsp; will govern the Suffolk Quilters' Guild where they apply and are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws or any special rules of order adopted by the Suffolk Quilters Guild.  

ARTICLE VI Standing Boards and Committees

Section 1. Standing Board and Committees:  The Suffolk Quilters' Guild President will appoint the standing committees as needed which may include, but are not limited to:  

Section 2. Election Committee: The election committee, consisting of three Guild members appointed by the President at the April monthly meeting, is responsible for providing the election slate of officers for the following year.  Office elections take place at the May monthly meeting followed by an officer installation at the June monthly meeting. 

Section 3. Special Project Committee: The special project committee plans, organizes and coordinates two community projects such as Christmas ornaments for children and lap quilts for senior homes.  

Section 5.  Social Committee: The social committee plans, organizes and coordinates:  

a.  Special occasions dinners (i.e. Christmas, end of year, etc.).

b.  The supply of paper products at the Saturday workshops.  

Section 6.  Program Committee: The program committee, chaired by the Vice President, plans the monthly meeting programs.  

Section 7.  Budget Committee: The budget committee, which consists of the incoming President, incoming 1st Vice President, incoming 2nd Vice President, and incoming treasurer, as well as the persons currently serving in those capacities, plans the detailed yearly budget as follows:

a. Draws up the new budget after the May election of officers.

b. Presents the budget for discussion and approval to the new executive board at the meeting the board is required to have prior to the July Guild meeting.

c. Presents the budget, after executive board approval, to the Guild at the July meeting. 


Section 8. Constitution and Bylaw Committee: The constitution and bylaw committee annually reviews the current Suffolk Quilters' Guild Constitution and Bylaws for applicability, accuracy and completeness.   Proposed changes will be presented to the President in writing.  

ARTICLE VII  Commercial  Policies 

Section 1. Workshops Instructors will be allowed to furnish patterns and materials to participants and to charge a fee to cover expenses for these as well as being paid for the workshop, whether instructor is a guild member or non member.  

Section 2. Programs  Commercial vendors will be paid for presenting programs.  They will be allowed one 6 Ft. table to display merchandise for sale.  They will be permitted to have fliers and/or handouts promoting their business.  

Section 3. Fliers  Shop owners who are Suffolk Quilters' Guild members will be permitted to provide fliers/handouts on the information table (sign up table) at guild meetings.  

Section 4. Internet Notices  Suffolk Quilters' Guild email through Yahoo Group is to be used for guild information and for furthering quilting education only.  

ARTICLE VIII  Revisions  

Section 1. Revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws - Revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws may:  

a.  Take place by a written proposal presented to the President prior to the close of the January meeting.  

b.  The revisions will be presented to the membership at the February meeting.

c.  The revisions will be voted on at the March meeting with a majority vote ruling.